Organisational Business Process Audits 

 This requires an on site audit and involves interviewing key personnel and observing all operational activities. Executive presentations are given in ‘best practice’ techniques of production and process management.

 An executive audit report is then produced which will outline the key areas where productivity can be improved and efficiency gains achieved. The process will normally take 4 weeks in total depending on the size of organisation.

Implementing Business Improvement Plans

 After conducting a business process audit we are available to assist you in implementing the improvements we have highlighted. 

 This will involve working with your operational management and providing them with the techniques and guidance they may need to optimise results. 

 The aim is to begin a cycle of continuous improvement that your organisation should be able to sustain and will improve your competitive position both now and in the longer term.

Supply Chain and Logistics Audits

 We utilise our extensive practical experience to critique your supply chain and logistics problems. 

 The aim is to redesign your transport and distribution methods in order to optimise efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. 

 In a typical production company 30% of costs are incurred in either inbound or outbound logistics activities. Hence, it is critical that you optimise the efficiency of this process and measure its performance.

Executive Mentoring

 We offer one to one totally confidential strategic advice and problem resolution to entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

 This can include: restructuring; deteriorating business performance; expansion planning; business integration and workforce motivation and performance issues.

Executive Training

 We provide specific one day training events in the following subjects: 

  • How to improve workforce productivity and motivation (half day)
  • How to measure performance and improve it (half day)
  • An Introduction to lean manufacturing (full day).

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) Financial Support

 All of our programmes are designed to improve productivity and business competitiveness. 

EAS are providing funding support to Estonian companies who undertake such initiatives. 

Therefore you can recover up to 50% of our service charges (subject to EAS project approval).