The company was formed in 2009 by Ashley Brettell, a British business executive based in Estonia, with 25 years experience working for and supplying world class companies such as Nissan Motor Company. 

With over 10 years experience as a managing director, Ashley has knowledge of how to run small to medium sized companies, who have to manage with limited budgets, but still service the most demanding of customers. 

This experience is allied with business and financial qualifications from Coventry University and Durham Business School. 

The company is focussed on delivering measurable improvements to profitability and business competitiveness. This is achieved through utilising the efficiency and productivity methods employed by class leading companies both large and small throughout the world. 

We encourage our clients to step back from the day to day ‘noise’ and take a more strategic view of efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Once this view is taken then a detailed improvement plan can be established and implemented focussing on the fine details of optimising efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability. 

Each customer is different, but we believe there is no business small or large, that can’t improve and strive to be the very best in its business sector. We take a very flexible approach, listen and learn about your company and work with you to make improvements and develop your management and workforce where appropriate. 

We believe that the country is full of excellent companies that just need some assistance to move them to the next level. 

Ultimately we agree with Enterprise Estonia, that productivity and exports can contribute greatly to Estonia’s success and that the time is right to develop both of these goals.